Sunday, October 25, 2009


holy experience

I was having one of those mornings recently. No clean school clothes, (yes there were. Just not the ones he wanted to wear.) why wasn't breakfast ready, the biscuits are too brown, the cars parked in the wrong order, the lightest of rain...not enough to water anything but certainly enough to provide curl in my hair where no curl should be, running behind for work, driving behind a school bus...thinking of of the chaos left at the house, knowing that the mess would still be there when I returned home for lunch. Normally I pray on the way to work but on this particular morning, the only words that left my heart and lips were, "show me Your Glory, Lord." My soul was too weary to utter anything else.

As I turned to the right, I noticed a most glorious sunrise on display before my eyes. Vivid pinks and oranges. And I tried to be grateful for the display of His handiwork before me. Really, I did. I found myself thanking Him for the picture He provided...but there was a small part of my heart that muttered, "I've seen sunrises before. Yes, it's beautiful...but it's nothing new."

And on I drove.

Somewhat ashamed of my less than grateful spirit.

But still wallowing in my weariness.

More traffic. (because I left the house a few minutes late.) More sighing.

But then...

I noticed something smack in the middle of my windshield.

A tiny bit of color.

I peered closer, not sure what the little splash of red might be.

As I watched, it seemed to expand. And as it did, I began to smile. The color grew longer...bigger...and I had to laugh...with tears in my eyes.

Because right in front of my face, where I couldn't possibly miss it...God gave me a rainbow! It's been years since I've seen a rainbow and here was one, just for me. I could almost here Him saying, "So the sunrise didn't impress you? Well, here my child...take a look at this. Here is My Glory..."

My heart sang. My spirit was refreshed. And I was grateful.

Won't you take a moment and share what He's done for you lately?