Monday, March 24, 2008

100 things

Apparently it's tradition to post 100 things about yourself when you reach your 100th post. I am not sure that I can think of 100 things about me (and I'm not letting my children post) and I'm fairly certain that no one would want to read 100 things either. So I will post until I get bored and you can read until you get bored and we'll both feel like we've fulfilled our commitments to the bloggy tradition fairy.

1. My middle name is Louise.

2. I've always hated having the middle name Louise.

3. However, my father wanted to name me Louise, so Louise as a middle name isn't so bad.

4.I was a bald baby.

5. I stayed bald for a very long time. There are pictures of me at one years old with just enough hair to look like a kewpie doll. And that hair was strawberry blonde.

6. When I finally grew hair, it was platinum blonde. Sort of like now only some silly people refer to the platinum part as "white". Obviously, they need glasses.

7. I am 43. And a half. more than likely.

8. I have a husband and two children. I like them just fine.

9. We have five dogs. I'm not sure how or why we have five dogs. They range from very big to very small.

10. We have one cat. He is bigger than two of the dogs.

11. We have ten parrots. We are also insane. Notice I did not assign a number to that fact. I figure you probably already knew that.

12. I absolutely love to read. I will read anywhere at any time. I could finish a book a day if I had the chance.

13. I read all different genres. Including cereal boxes.

14. I have a purse obsession. I know it's a sickness and I need to seek help for it. Someday.

15. Are you bored yet?

16. I am adopted.

17. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and was adopted when I was eleven days old.

18. I need to have the insurance adjuster look at our roof to see if it has storm damage from the tornado/strong storms in January.

19. I wrote that so that hopefully I will remember to call the insurance adjuster.

20. Somehow I became a fan of Dancing with the Stars.

21. I am slightly embarrassed about that.

22. My sister-in-law wants me to take dancing lessons with her.

23. I think I could do a mean tango. In my dreams.

24. I don't think I'd look so hot in one of those little bitty dancing costumes.

25. I think I've mentioned that I'm tall. I still am. I expect to shrink some. But being tall means that I can weigh more now and have more places to spread it out.

26. I have a Winnie the Pooh collection.

27. I also have a collection of stuffed animals. Yes, I know I should have outgrown that years ago.

28. But my stuffed animals are so cute and fluffy. With interesting expressions. And personality.

29. I do not text message.

30. I work at a Christian Book Store. With Books! Good stuff!

31. My current favorite food is Outback Cheese Fries.

32. Which have 2900 calories.

33. Which may be why I think I wouldn't look so hot in one of those itty bitty dancing costumes.

34. I can be tempted with chocolate, cheesecake, peanut m&m's, and other assorted forbidden foods. But not apples. If I were Eve, I would have said no. Til he whipped out the chocolate.

35. Someday I want to live in a lighthouse.

36. I also want to live in a villa in Tuscany. Someday. There are no lighthouses in Tuscany. I sense a "life conflict" coming on.

37. Basset hounds are the most willful creatures on the face of the earth.

38. I love tulips! Even though they don't smell.

39. There's a girl dog named Chloe that lives next door. My 5 boy dogs love her. Even though no one is anatomically correct anymore.

40. I don't like movies that don't end happily.

41. Everyone knows that they are supposed to tell me if a movie doesn't end happily so that I won't watch it.

42. Someone forgot to tell me that Pirates 3 doesn't end happily. (my version of happy anyway.)

43. I will never watch Star Wars 3: the stith movie. Because it doesn't end happily.

44. I'm allergic to bees.

45. I can't believe you are still reading this. I'm not even reading this anymore. Just kidding.

46. Mary Jane said she wouldn't read past 45. I'm just checking.

47. I live in Kentucky and I'm wearing shoes. I am also not pregnant but I am in the kitchen.

48. I should be doing laundry.

49. I am sitting here with my head down on the computer desk at the prospect of trying to think of 51 more things.

50. I love Jesus. And He loves me. (How could I not have mentioned this first?)

51. I am going to memorize Psalm 90. Ask me how I'm doing sometime.

52. Did I say my birthday is in October? My husband's birthday is two days later than mine. But he's older than me. My friend MJ's birthday is the same day as hubby's. She's older than me too. But don't tell her I said so.

53. I probably partake of too much caffiene. I try to resist. but I am weak.

54. My daughter's getting married. January 2nd, 2010. Which is way too soon.

55. Sometimes I think I want a ferret. Because I am crazy.

56. I have an NCAA bracket. I picked Tennesse to win. Just because. They are an SEC team. And you always pull for the SEC team. And we all knew UK wasn't going to win this year.

57. I love my church. You can feel God there. It's a cool thing.

58. I am a crier. Over commercials. Movies. Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. Books. Other people's children graduating. Weddings. God has been merciful to keep me from bawling my eyes out at important events of my children. I have not embarrassed them by clinging to their legs, wailing, "no, not my baby! She's too young to (fill in the blank here.) Yet. There's still time.

59. Oooo...that was a long one. It should count for two.

60. Cinderella originally wanted to get married four weeks after her college graduation and two weeks after The Boy's high school graduation. I told her that I would be a bald-headed crazy woman if she did.

61. Fortunately, she changed the date.

62. I probably wouldn't look too good as a bald-headed crazy woman.

63. My favorite scripture today is Psalm 43:8.

64. It says,"Through each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life."

65. Cool, huh?

66. I am reading the bible chronologically this year. And loving every minute of it!

67. I have a brother.

68. We don't talk about him much.

69. But he has two children.

70. I like to talk about them. My niece is 9. My nephew is...older than he should be. 25.

71. He was born the year I graduated high school.

72. Which means I've been out of high school for 25 years.

73. This is getting depressing.

74. There will not be a quiz later.

75. Okay, 75 things is enough. Just pretend like this is my 75th post and we can stop the madness now!

If you are still reading at the end of this post, thank you! May your day be blessed!


annie's eyes said...

Oh, there were a few things I didn't know that make you and I possibly my younger twin split at birth. (?) I was bald until I was two, and so was my middle daughter Lauren. I love your favorite verse--have you ever awoke with a song on your heart?That is cool... and I will be asking you about Psalm 90 again...And I did know how funny you are, but this is a very witty post, and I enjoyed all 75. Glad they don't have traditions of posting 300 things on that blogaversary! You bless me. Love, Annette

Momala said...

Loved your list! We have a lot in common, except the crying part, I'm not a cryer.

Congrats on your 100th post!

Ang baylis said...

I want to come visit you in Tuscany. I think you need my husband as your vet. It cracked me up that you have two dogs smaller than your cat. I am going to look up Psalm 90 and I will be asking you about it. Those Outback cheese fries scared me. You need to learn to text message. They are fun! I am with you on your purse obsession! I can also cry at anything. I'm terrible in the airport watching strangers say goodbye! I have a sister-in-law, Louise. I like it! I am waiting for 25 more things!!! That's the LAW! I enjoyed this sooooooo much!
Angie xoxo

Anonymous said...

This was a delight to read although I already knew about 2/3 of the things but seeing them all together was great! You are hilarious! Thanks for telling everyone I am older than 43.5yrs.! You are a dear friend and your walk with the Lord encourages me so many times. I won't write anymore because I don't want to make you cry! See ya tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love your free-spirit look on life. God has blessed me with a wonderful friend. Thanks for sharing part of your life with me.

Queen B said...

Good stuff in those 75 things!!

Mrs Amy said...

That was a good read!! Funny too :)

Jessica said...

Ok, I LOVE Outback's cheese fries too!!

I enjoyed reading your list. Although, I have to admit the one about the Cheese fries being 2900 calories is REALLY depressing!! I could have just pretended they were healthy!! LOL!! :)

littlerad said...

Oh Karen, I loved this post I knew a lot of the stuff, but that is because we talk a lot, and i'm ok with your middle name being Louise, because that is mine as well, but you knew that...
I totally enjoy reading the way you write, as well as speak, oh and speaking of yesterday, it was a odd one... Have the rest of a great day, talk to tomorrow at work...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I laughed and laughed. But, I resent #42. I did tell you about the ending of Pirates 3, well at least some of it. You didn't ask me if Pirates 3 ended happy or not. You only asked me if Jack Sparrow lived and I said yes. So there...

Katie "A"

freefun0616 said...



Pastor4Kids said...

Well so far I haven't got past #2 ... Cause my middle name is Louise too! Yay... Not sure why I got Louise or who chose it ... But I always wanted to be called Louise Rather than my first name ... And it means 'famous warrior' ... That makes it even better!