Friday, August 6, 2010

Josh and Jonathan making a suit of armor out of duct tape.

I enjoy when my son and husband enjoy each other. Let me explain.

It's kind of strange. The boy is at an age where he and his dad don't have a lot in common. They each tend to go their own way, pursuing their own hobbies, forgetting (or so it seems) that they live in the same house. The father is up early, off to work, and falls asleep in his favorite recliner before it gets too late. The boy tends to sleep late (very late) and stay up late (very late.) There may be days when they don't see or speak to each other at all.

The last twenty four hours were different though. It started last night. The husband got a movie from netflix that the boy wanted to watch. (One of those dorky guy movies that I have no interest in watching.) Each time I passed by the tv room, there was laughter and talking and general frivolity had by all. Both men enjoyed the movie and the company. So this afternoon, rather than go their separate ways, they went and got hair cuts and picked out some of the boy's graduation presents. (He wanted a mini fridge for his room. To keep a pitcher of kool aid in. I should be used to this child by now but sometimes he still surprises me.) After their trip foraging around town, they came back and set up various pieces of equipment (there was a tv involved as well), still enjoying each others company.

Tomorrow they may go their separate ways again. The husband off to yard sale with his father (I think buying tires is on the agenda as well) and the boy will probably sleep til lunch time or later. But I will remember these moments and hide them in my heart...and I suspect that his dad will too.

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Abba's Girl said...

Beautiful post about an earthly father and son and their love for each other.

Hope you are feeling well!