Thursday, November 18, 2010

a typical day in the life of...

Josh has been out of town for the past few days. During this time, the boy and I have been hanging out together. A lot. (As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure he's glad his dad will be back tonight. ) Regardless, today was my day off and coincidentally, Jonathan didn't have any classes. So guess what? We spent the day together. (Just what any 18 year old wants to do!) We went with Jessi to the Speed Art Museum this morning. While the Speed is a "smallish" museum, it has several things that I love. The English Room is one of my favorites and I am absolutely fascinated by the things in the tapestry room. My favorite thing today was the George Grey Barnard sculpture of The Prodigal Son. Magnificent in detail, you could feel the fathers emotion at the return of his beloved son. Beautiful stuff.

Currently (besides counting the hours til dad gets home and he can turn me over to his father,) we are watching a Jurassic Park marathon. Well, we are mostly watching. I tend to leave the room whenever anyone is going to get eaten. Which means I leave the room a lot. However, when I am not covering my eyes and ears or "going to fold laundry", we've been discussing the various improbabilities in the movies and what we might do differently if we were currently being stalked by ravenous carnivores. Needless to say, step one would be never to go to an island where dinosaurs roam free. appears that the latest victim is truly dino dinner so I guess it's time for me to head back to the movie. I hope you are enjoying whatever this evening brings your way!

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annette said...

Feels like old times dropping by here and seeing your posts (2 in two days!) I am gearing up (thinking about) returning to blogging with several themes I'd like to add. I am glad you and Jessi and Brandon all got to spend the day together and enjoy the museum--sounds like my idea of a perfect day. Hope you all are doing well. I think of you so much and miss you on our journey through the Bible--we're about to start James if you're interested over on Pearls. :) Love you, Annette