Monday, December 6, 2010

We are holiday people at our house. We will probably be adding decorating touches all the way up to Christmas as we keep dragging out our collections of Christmas things.

There are fluffy stuffed animals, pillows, ceramics, wreathes, candles, figurines and nativities galore scattered throughout the house, each competing for attention, each telling a story of sorts. But it's the ornaments that speak loudest to me...each one tells a story and I think (for the moment) I can remember how we got each one.

This was the first Christmas ornament that Josh and I ever purchased. It was our first Christmas together, 1986, the Christmas before we got married.

This little gingerbread girl was the "dated" daughter ornament the year that Jessi was born. Little did we know that she would grow up loving to cook and bake. I think this year, the first Christmas that she's in her own home, makes the memory a little sweeter. (no pun intended.)

This ornament came from a very dear friend at the end of a life changing journey, the year I first read the Bible chronologically. (For those of you who did the Esther study, this was a "peripety" moment.)

This figurine always reminds me of Jessi. When she was a little girl, she had long curls and I thought she looked like this little girl when she had her hair in a ponytail. When I found this ornament, I couldn't resist it! (Feel the sentimental tug at the heartstrings? Someone is missing her girl.)

Josh has been a Lilo and Stitch fan from the moment he saw the movie. (And he does a great Elvis impersonation!) This ornament was a perfect choice for him. (Our tree this year has a "Disney" section, a "star wars" section, a "Santa" section, a "penguin" section, a "Hawaii" section and a variety of others.)

Last year, LifeWay carried a series of ornaments that had Peace, Hope, Joy, Love and Jesus on them. Each one had a scripture on the back and they have become some of my favorite ornaments. I love the promise of Hope and Joy for the Christmas season and believe me, there are many days when I need the visual reminder right in front of my face.
There are others, too many to share here. Jonathan's apple he "made" in Sunday School his first Christmas. Ornaments from the year we decided to "make" our own. Ceramic ornaments that Josh has painted. Ornaments from family vacations. Memories I've forgotten until I unwrap each ornament. So tell me, what stories do your decorations tell?

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Abba's Girl said...

Thank you for sharing part of your ornament collection w/ us and the memories associated with them.

I added more decorations yesterday. My husband who thinks 1 decoration is 1 too many laughed.

Love ya!