Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cover to cover

Have you not loved reading through the Psalms? Hearing David cry out for the Lord's protection, exalting Him, and glorifying Him? I found so many treasures this week.
Lord, You light my lamp; my God illuminates my darkness.
Psalm 18:28
Be gracious to me, God, for man tramples me, he fights and oppresses me all day long.
Psalm 56:1
This I know; God is for me.
Psalm 56:9
Yet He was compassionate; He atoned for their guilt and did not destroy them. He often turned His anger aside and did not unleash all His wrath. He remembered that they were only flesh, a wind that passes and does not return.
Psalm 78:38-39
As I was reading on Tuesday, these words stopped me in my tracks:
The Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness. He repaid me according to the cleanness of my hands.
2 Samuel 22:21
I want to be as sure as David is that God would find some cleanness and righteousness in me to reward and repay.
My HCS student Bible has a commentary on Saul and David:
The text of Samuel encourages us to contemplate the figures of Saul and David in the light of one another so we can understand how to respond to God. The careers of Saul and David exhibit many parallels...By no means do these parallels suggest that Saul and David are equals. To the contrary, they serve to pinpoint exactly what makes David far superior to Saul. It is not a matter of human talent; both were gifted men. It is not a matter of personal virtue; both men sinned. It has everything to do with their relationship to God. David took confidence in the Lord's annointing, and he accepted the Lord's mercy, while Saul never really put his trust in God. Look at the way each of them reacts to his sin, and you will find a key to the underlying difference in their make-up. ---Michael Duggan p. 361
I want to remember to put my trust where it belongs, in God. And I want to remember what happens when I don't.
As I was finishing up this week's readings, I came across this one sentence. I think this might make the perfect reminder for me in the days ahead. May it be a reminder to you as well.
the One who has redeemed my life from every distress.
2 Samuel 4:9
What better promise to cling to during difficult days.....
Please take a moment to join Annette, Bev, Ang and 'Nise on this journey. You will be blessed.