Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can I just say...

Woo Hoo Big Blue!

We rolled over U of L with a score of 27 to 2. (Sorry Katie!) So the men at the Heigh-ho house are very happy! (and we women of the heigh-ho house are happy too because we don't have grumpy men at home.) I did ask Josh if he thought that we would win any other games this year because um...there was that one year that everybody said that they didn't care if we lost every other game as long as we beat Louisville...and we did lose every other game except that one. Anyhow, Josh assures me that we should win the next three games. We'll see.

We finally settled on a meal of Yankee Barbeque, deviled eggs, beans and chocolate pudding cake (made with homemade chocolate pudding.) I did not partake of the barbeque (for obvious reasons) but everyone else seemed to enjoy the meal.

I hope your Sunday was just as exciting!