Saturday, January 2, 2010

need I say more?

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annette said...

Your email address came back so I'm using this forum--because I just have to tell you...
Good morning, Karen.

Just a quick note to tell you I'm praying for this to be a most
blessed day for Jessi and Brandon. I pray peace over each of you, and
a sacred ceremony that brings the couple a solemn vow with the support
of their family and friends. I pray for you especially, since I know a
mother's heart on this so recently. I hope you take in the moments
with all the people surrounding you that love you so much. It is a
surreal moment to be surrounded by loved ones celebrating a new
beginning, new life together. God will see them through. When each of
the kids graduated, I wrote them a letter of the pride and joy I felt.
When Lindsay got married, I told her, this is not that letter and
handed her a letter of the best advice I could muster for longevity in
marriage. It had a totally different tone but I hope she saved and
reads the letter again and again. Like you, I know the ups and downs,
and am convinced the only two reasons marriage works is the Lord's
Hand and two very willing souls committed to stay the race. Love is
wonderful, but covenant is the staying power for us, anyway. I pray
those same prayers over Jessi and Brandon today for a life together of
joy, good health, much love, and children, should the Lord provide,
and lives centered in His Perfect Will for them. You are on my heart
this day. Drink in the joy. Rest in His Love for each of you. Much
blessing to all.