Monday, January 4, 2010


...I didn't cry.

At least not before or during the wedding.

I did cry (a little) when we got home that night and I went into her room and started washing and packing the rest of her things. And maybe I cried just a little when the dogs kept looking for her and I had to keep telling them that she wasn't there.

And I probably cried when I read the letter that she left for me telling me that she loved me and that she missed me.

I also cried when I drove to the wedding boutique this morning to take back the tuxedos. I've driven this route five times in the last seven days and every day but today she was by my side.

I didn't embarrass her by weeping and wailing as she walked down that aisle. Walked with beauty and confidence to the man who is her future. But I sure thought about it.


ageffert said...

Like you, I had moments, more private, to channel the tears. "The man who IS her future" caught my heart as I read it--especially knowing how difficult change is. Prayers for you all...God has carried you this far. He's not going to drop you now! Love you, Annette

Abba's Girl said...

I am crying now...the man who is her future - and the woman who is his future...

Love, Annette H

helenw13 said...

Oh...that makes me tear up...big time...I read this on google and then popped over to your blog and was again struck by your blog's title...there is a time for everything...but even the really good ordained things can still bring a bit of the water works.

Bless you...she made a beautiful bride!

Ang baylis said...

I've been wondering how it all went. I know I'm going to be a basket case when my kids get married. It won't be for awhile yet, but I know who I'll go to to ask for wisdom. :)
You were on my mind today!
Angie xoxo