Saturday, May 1, 2010

in case you're interested...

First, I have to say that I have no inside information. I don't have a clue about stats, track condition and any other "formula" used to predict Derby winners. (I do know that when the track looks like it does today, anything goes and often a long shot wins. Some horses just don't like getting their feet dirty.) Anyhoo, I often choose my horses by their color, their name, their jockey, their story, or their silks.

That said, these are my picks for the race:

"Line of David"...need I say more? This Bible study girl couldn't think of a better horse to win than one with a name full of promise.

Let me preface my next pick with a few comments. I am a big girl. Not so much hefty (although heftier than I ought to be with my recent obsession with chocolate) but I am tall. When my husband and I were first married, I asked him to carry me up the driveway. His response was a no and honest to pete, these were the next words he said, "You're not exactly petite."

Trust me, 23 years later, I still remember.

In his defense (and his ability to think quickly), he insists that petite means short.


Anyway, the filly in the race is named Devil may care. Her owner said this about her this morning, "When you look at this filly, she's not going to look like some dainty looking little thing. She's good sized, a big, strong filly."

So from one "not petite" girl to another, all I have to say is, "you go girl." And after she's won this race, maybe she'll drop on by and step on that man's foot. Then she can go get her some chocolate.


annette said...

I'll put my $5 on Line of David, then, in your honor. I never know and my neighbor makes a big deal for a party. Always fun. I sure hope the horses all are safe in the muddy conditions. Love ya, A

Abba's Girl said...

I usually watch the Derby, missed it entirely this year. Who won?

xoxo Annette H