Friday, May 21, 2010

sentimental journey

I packed the last of the school lunches yesterday. It might be hard to believe that the thought of no more scrambling to find both a lunch box and enough food to feed a ravenous but picky teenaged boy might reduce me to tears. I however, am a sentimental fool. (I guess I should mention the last wearing of the chapel shirt which occurred this past Wednesday. Yes, I do notice things like that. However, I might rejoice at the last washing of the school uniform. And I'll be thankful that the shirts lasted the entire year without disintegrating into nothingness.)

The boy had a doctors appointment this morning so I dropped him off at school after we finished. Gathered outside (up and down some stairs) were many of the students that have accompanied the boy on his journey through school. (It was the Great Physics Egg Drop. Much hilarity and egg yolks ensued. The boy's egg survived with a "dent." ??? ) Looking at them all gathered there reminded me that I would not be seeing some of their faces again after next weeks graduation. I think that was one of the hardest things about Jessi's graduation as well. It's not just your child who is beginning a new chapter in life, all of their friends are beginning one as well. And while I might think of them as "mine", I'm not sure they see me the same way.

Anyway, I suspect the next few days will be filled with moments looking back and looking forward. For tonight though, here's to the last of school lunches...(although the boy did offer to let me continue making sandwiches for him.)

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Abba's Girl said...

A graduation and a birth this week, how much more can the Lord show us there is a season to everything? Congratulations to your graduate.

xoxo Annette H