Friday, September 24, 2010


I am a contradiction sometimes.

Some days I find myself lamenting over the ordinariness of my days. Every day seems to be a bit of the same...get up, get ready (for what depends on the day and the mood of the various occupants of the house), get everyone else up, fix various forms of food, wash various forms of clothing, head off to work, head back home, fix more food, maneuver around the moods of the various occupants of the house, and do whatever else comes along with just living.

Then there are the other days. The days when I think about the "new normal." This certainly has been the year for it. First the wedding. Then the endless illnesses with all three various occupants of this house. The Graduation. More illness. Surgery. College. A Diagnosis. Learning to live with chronic illness. On those days I wonder where "ordinary" went. Not to worry though. More than likely, the next morning I will wake up, get up, get get the picture.

This week I've been thinking about the ordinary. Thinking about blogging and how I never seemed to think about anything to say when I was near a computer. How I missed blogging...even the mundane little tidbits that make up my life. I actually even thought about how the dogs hadn't done anything interesting or exciting to share on here as I've done in days past.

Until Wednesday.


6:40 in the morning to be precise.

That was about the time that I decided to carry down a load of laundry to wash before leaving for work.

Apparently that was also about the time the "dogs race each other down the stairs" event was scheduled to begin.

Unbeknownst to me.

If only we'd had a video camera trained on the stairs. I'm sure I could have won the top prize on AFV.

Regardless, as I was swept from the top step to the bottom step in a matter of moments, laundry and phone still clutched in my hand, (perhaps it might have been better to drop one or both and try to stop my fall...) the irony did not escape me. Well, it escaped me until after I burst into tears, called Josh and told him that the dogs tried to kill me.

I did survive though. With a bruised thigh or two, a banged up elbow, sore armpits (which makes me wonder if I tried to flap my arms like a chicken and fly on the way down), and sore tops of my feet. (and what on earth is up with that? Did I try to hit the brake on the way down?)

Kind of gives me a new appreciation for the ordinary though...

He looks so innocent, doesn't he?

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annette said...

Oh you poor thing! I bet you are sore all over. Kind of makes you yearn for ordinary after the year you've had! My goodness.

Three weeks before Lindsay's wedding last year--almost a year ago today, I was moving a small chest down the stairs, and missed the fourth one to the bottom. Landed on the outside of my left ankle, but saved the furniture! Anyway, I made a conscious effort NOT to limp as I walked down the aisle. At least you had dogs to blame. Feel better soon, my friend. Sending hugs. Love, Annette