Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was minding my own business Sunday.

Truly I was.

Sitting in bed, recovering from a flu-like thing, reading the paper

Checking out the Target ad.

Arguing with the editorial page.

Working my way to the front page of the paper. (I read the paper backwards because Josh reads it first so I get in a slightly different order than originally delivered. No big deal. Who wouldn't rather read the Target ad than the editorial page?)

So, when I finally got to the front page, what did my eyes behold?




Not that I'm not ready for a bit of spring, but I'm not sure I want to wish half the year away. Oh well, hang on to your hats, folks. Evidently it's time to start talking horse.

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Abba's Girl said...

It seems time flying by at warp speed is on both of our minds...must be the great mind thing...