Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pour out your heart...

I intended to write letters to two of my Compassion children tonight. As I sat down to do so, I realized that I really didn't know much about where my newest two were from, just the basic details provided by the Compassion packet. That's what makes search engines a wonderful thing. I've been checking out various sites, marveling at the pictures and the poverty levels and imagining the lives that my children are living. All was well, my heart was hopeful and I was thankful for the opportunities that we have to make a difference for them.

At least it was until I began looking up information on Burkina Faso.

Life in Burkina Faso is bleak.

It's one of the poorest nations in the world with little hope of changing it's situation. In the region where my child lives, one in three children die before the age of five.

One in three.

Oh, how my heart aches.
My beautiful Natacha is six. She's beat the first set of statistics. However, so many more issues/challenges loom before her. How I long to snatch her up and carry her to our home.

Instead, I pray for her, her grandmother who cares for her, and the Compassion workers who will guide, teach and minister to her for the next decade (God willing) of her life.

There are currently 52 children in Burkina Faso waiting to be sponsored through Compassion. If the Lord moves your heart, would you consider providing hope for one?

Get up, cry out in the night,
even as the night begins.
Pour out your heart like water
in prayer to the Lord.
Lift up your hands in prayer to him
for the life of your children
who are fainting with hunger
on every street corner.

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Abba's Girl said...

Words fail when we see poverty on this scale, something we will likely never experience. Thankfully, poverty is not to big for our Lord and Savior!

Love, Annette H