Monday, June 22, 2009

because it seems like the thing to do...

It's another word game. Sometimes I like word games. Let's see if I like this one.

I am...waiting patiently for the re-inspector to come and re-inspect our roof.

I be at the farmer's market, sampling fresh strawberries.

I have...a lengthy to-do list and I'm ignoring it.

I wish...for so many things.

I know...that I am blessed and don't really need the things I wished for.

I hate...ants.

I fear...more things than I should.

I hear...parrots making random noises, my father-in-law watching tv as he waits for the re-inspector with me.

I crave...the ocean. the sound of it. the beauty of it. the vastness of it.

I search...for the woman God is preparing me to become.

I always...regret using words like "always" and "never".

I not as focused as I should be.

I am not...many things. as thin as I used to be. as young as I used to be. as impatient as I used to be.

I babies.

I love...the people my babies grew up to be.

I never...skateboard?

I rarely...have an empty head. Regardless of how it seems.

I cotton commercials, movies, books, moments, songs. But not as much as it might seem.

I temper while driving.

I better.

I worry...about health issues. Not that worrying changes anything.

I dream...of interesting things. To me anyway.

I was...waiting for the re-inspector when I started this and I'm still waiting. He did call though.