Monday, June 22, 2009

insanity reigns

This is one week that I'll be glad to see pass into history.

The Southern Baptist Convention is in town this week. Most of you know that I work for LifeWay which is a part of the SBC. (or the SBC is a part of LifeWay. It's early and my brain is not quite as nimble as I'd like.)

Anyway, what that means is that our fair city (and our fair store) is teeming with very important people. Because of this, there's a lot of pressure to be practically perfect this week. (Or at least the first three days of this week.)

Add to that, Jonathan is working for LifeWay at the convention book store. (and while we all know that he's a wonderful child, somewhere deep in my heart there's this fear that he's going to jump up and start break dancing on the tables. Or inundate Dr. Rainer with knock knock jokes.) Wonderful mother that I am, I think I've told him a billion times to remember that he not only represents LifeWay, but he represents me as well. (and I'm sure he'll do a fine job. He can be very charming. As long as the break dancing, piggyback riding, nerd-herd-ing part of his persona stays under control.)

Regardless, he and Nathan have headed off to the Expo Center to work the pastor's conference. I'll be heading in to the store this afternoon to practice being practically perfect. Here's hoping for a smooth passage of the week.