Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where basset hounds rule the roost...

Kelly is hosting Show Us Where You Live and this week's theme is the Master Bedroom. You'll notice that my pictures come complete with "the master." He is currently laying in his favorite position on my side of the bed. Truthfully, I think he wonders why I keep trying to sleep on his side of the bed. If I have to get up for anything, when I come back there will be a basset hound snoring (drooling) on my pillows. (Have you ever tried to move a limp 50 pound basset hound in the middle of the night? Trust me, it doesn't work so well. It might be easier for me to sleep on the floor.)

And yes, that is little brother at the foot of the bed. He's one of my favorite Disney characters and someone found him for me for Mother's Day. Fortunately he does not have a squeaker inside or the dogs would have disemboweled him a long time ago.
I think I'll leave you with a picture of basset hound heaven. Thanks for dropping by.