Monday, November 5, 2007

I'd rather had a Big Mac

But I didn't. Not that what I had was much healthier. A bagel with cream cheese. But still, it was no Big Mac. My only excuse was that it was too close too noon and there are so many crazy people in the drive thru at that time. And I hate to wait. So I drove home and ripped into the fresh bagel bag. Pretending that it was a Big Mac. And some salty fries.

My brain has been full of many things. Random things. Such as remembering how Jonathan didn't call Jessi by her name for the first four years of his life. She was "sister." Which was cute. Until he started school and no one knew who sister was. But it was still cute. Now I'm happy when they exchange a civil word or two between them. Oh, I guess it's not so bad at the moment. Something about one of them heading off for college seems to settle down their relationship. Maybe it's because Jessi realizes that there's a whole lot more to the world than just the walls of her home and school. And for Jonathan life is still pretty uncomplicated. Centering around friends, phones, computers, grades (not really, just wishful thinking from a mom) games, girls (did we say girls and uncomplicated in the same sentence?) and so forth. And somehow the thought isn't so random any more.

I've spent the day running errands (read that to mean getting my nails done...among other things). Of course, house errands tend to multiply when you're not watching them too. But we are counting down days til surgery so I think it's probably going to get a little bit hectic around here. I have a list a mile long. I wonder how much I will get done. Probably not much if I continue to sit here at the computer and cultivate mind wandering. Too bad. I should have had a Big Mac.