Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Waiting for the hot tub man

I hate to wait. Not as much as my dad but I suspect that as I get older, my ability or desire to wait will continue to decrease. Today is kind of a bonus day. I took it off because I am working Saturday and I decided that I deserved two days off in a row. I had no specific plans. Other than an afternoon doctors appointment and a trip to the salon for a pedicure. (that sounds so decadent so in the interest of truth and honesty, I must confess that I have never had a pedicure in my life and I have only gone to a salon/spa once. For my niece's wedding. Where I got my hair styled. In that nifty "doo" that is on my blog page. But I got a gift certificate for my birthday. About which I am very excited. The gift certificate, not the birthday. ) Anyway, back to reality. Today, the bonus day. It's a bonus because I am off tomorrow and I could do all the "mom/wife" things tomorrow and just goof off today. But no. I am waiting for the hot tub man. And he hasn't called or shown up. Yet. You have to understand that I don't really want or have to go anywhere (except to the aforementioned stuff this afternoon), it's just the thought of not being able to go anywhere if I wanted to. It's funny how our brains work. If I were working, I would be thinking to myself, "gee, I really wish I could stay home and do nothing. Maybe curl up in bed or something. Because the weather is gray and drizzling." Of course, I can't go back to bed any way because of the hot tub man. As a side note, do hot tub men work when it is all grey and drizzly outside? I always thought electricity and water didn't mix. While I have been waiting, I have cleaned the kitchen, living room and both kids rooms. And done laundry. And put extra quilts on the bed. So I continue to wait. And ponder. And wish that I could go somewhere. Oh well.

Hey, the hot tub man called. Life is looking up!