Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the list

As you go about your busy day today, would you mind taking a moment and praying for some of the people who have been on my heart lately?

Brother Freddie and his fellow friars as they not only minister to the earthquake victims but also deal with their own losses.

Baby Stellan and his family as they prepare for possible surgery on the other side of the country.

Beth and her family as they prepare to adopt Maria from Guatemala.

Sheryl and many others who are dealing with job losses in their families.

And honestly, in light of the other more serious issues, I hesitate to even mention this, but I fell yesterday. Again. (the second time in six weeks. Just call me Grace.) Anyhow, while I know I did not break anything (other than my pride), I am having some issues lifting my arm today. And, um...I need my arm. It does lots of things with me. So I am ice-packing, heat applying, ibuprofen swallowing and whimpering about it and hoping that it heals quickly. Because I miss it.