Wednesday, December 26, 2007

100 in 1001

I am thinking of trying this 100 in 1001 thing. The basic premise is that you think of 100 specific things or tasks that you would like to accomplish. They have to be very specific things. Then you pick a date to start and you have 1001 days to finish it. Which is over two years. So if you were to want to celebrate Easter with Aunt Marge or something but you didn't do it the first year, you have the second year to do it in unless Aunt Marge dies or something like that. So I will probably take a few days to come up with a list and then post it here. Then you go back and update it periodically so that the entire world can keep track of your progress. Assuming the entire world were to stop by your blog. I think theres some kind of counter thing you can add to the sidebar as well. Hopefully it will be something relatively simple to install so that I don't destroy the entire blogosphere as it currently exists. I also added part of my book list for 2008. I am sure that there are lots of other books that I will want to read as the year progresses.