Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh my. I'd like to say that I have everything cleaned up. And actually, yesterday I was well on the way to neatness once again. However, today happened. And now my sink is full again. Of course, the fact that I have a house full of boys today may have contributed to the mess. (They did stop to shovel out The Boy's room earlier today and that is why my sink is full once again. Boys eat and drink a lot.) So I will be stepping away from here shortly to try and restore order before dh returns from work.

Did I mention that it has rained non-stop today and five doggies running in and out to use the "facilities" has taken it's toll on the kitchen floor? I do have some lovely samples of doggie footprints though.

I can hear the sounds of Forrest Gump coming from the living room. Cinderella and her beau are watching it. They have a list of movies to watch in their lifetime and for some reason this one is on it. I was never a big fan of Forrest. My favorite Tom Hanks movie would have to be Apollo 13 followed by Sleepless in Seattle. (Why would they have a list of movies to watch in their lifetime? Don't they have their entire life ahead of them? Maybe it's just a list of movies to watch over the school break.)

Well, I'm off to scrub up the kitchen!