Monday, December 31, 2007

Almost Freedom

Freedom for what? Well, it's 12:05 and I still have energy! This is so exciting. I haven't felt this good since November 5th. That's a long time. I also went to the doctor today and he said I was about 80% healed but that I could start getting on with my life. Just be careful, know my limitations and blah blah blah. (I think I might have tuned him out at this point.) Anyway, I am so excited to be feeling...normal. (Of course, I'm not sayin' I won't be taking a nap later. Just so you know.)

Today's the big Bowl game. No pressure. It's just that if we don't win this game, well, let's just say that we will be pathetic. Because their team is missing like 36 players or something due to scandal and injuries. I would say that football isn't really our game, basketball is. But unfortunately, we have done terribly in basketball this year. So terribly that I don't even want to watch. Sigh. So we have our hopes and our pride set on this Bowl game. (There's a basketball game on too and I find myself thinking, "surely we can beat Dolphin Middle School or somebody like that." Actually it's Florida International and they will probably beat us by 50 points. Sigh.)

Hmmm...the house smells like tacos so lunch must be done. I guess I'd better get busy with some stuff around here. (Laundry, dishes, cringing when the other team makes a basket, ironing, wondering if God is a football fan, feeding the livestock, and so forth.) Happy New Year!