Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am finishing up the chapter on Serving God in Elizabeth George's "A Wife After God's Own Heart." I like to reread her books because I often need the reminder of how I need to treat my family and handle my life so that it is pleasing to God. One of the things that I love about Elizabeth's books is that she is very traditional in her way of thinking about a woman's role in life. She is very clear about God's priorities for marriage and for women in general. I know that some women wouldn't want to hear that they should put their husbands first (well actually, God first then husbands) in all that they do and plan for. I appreciate her view that my husband should be involved in all of my life, including whether or not to participate in church functions. The argument has been presented to me many times that if I'm working for God then how can it be wrong. I guess it can be wrong if I spend so much time wrapped up in whatever it is that I neglect my husband and my family. (And believe me, this has happened before.) Elizabeth makes the point that we are honoring God when we honor our husband's desires. And she makes the suggestion that if it really is something we want to do, that we pray that God change our husband's heart. I guess that makes it a win/win situation. Anyway, I highly recommend her books to any woman. I guess my favorite is "Beautiful in God's Eyes" but I have read and reread all she has written.