Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye to 2007

I was doing the year in review thing the other day and I have decided that 2007 was slightly traumatic. Maybe a little more than slightly. It started off fairly normal. My husband and I celebrated our twentieth anniversary in February. (Yes, it was a valentine's day wedding.) We took a trip to Disney World. Just the two of us. We had a lot of fun. We did three parks in one day (and decided that we were too old to do that) and then spent twelve hours at Magic Kingdom on the second day. (Which we decided we were too old to do that much running around too. ) But it was a glorious trip with my sweetie. Then in April, IT happened. I will not say what exactly it was, but just know that it was a major trauma and it was life altering. It's funny though, God used what man meant for harm and turned it into some good things. And for the rest of my life, as I remember what happened to me, I will always be able to see the hand of God at work in what was definitely a horrible time in my life. Which, when you think about it, is a pretty cool thing. Then came surgery, a cancer scare and another surgery to finish up the year. And those are just the things that happened to me. Of course, there were good things this year. Cinderella got engaged on her birthday. Husband moved into a job that he likes and is well suited for. A friend and I got to work the Deeper Still conference. Another friend bought her first home after living in an apartment for twenty something years. My niece got married. But I think all in all, I am glad to see 2007 go. Not that I have any assurances for 2008. No more so than the assurances that I had for this year. God's will is sovereign and He has a plan. Always. And I guess I can't wait to see what it is for this year.