Saturday, July 5, 2008


This past week has been filled with unique blessings and in spite of some of the "uniqueness", I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

I wouldn't have missed being one of 19,000 voices worshipping our Father. Or hearing the Word brought by Priscilla and Miss Kay. Or being gently cared for by my daughter when I had what now appears to be a hypoglycemic episode during Beth's word (although I could probably do without the trip to the doctor that I will be taking...).

I wouldn't have missed discussing scripture and what God is doing in our lives with my sister-in-law. Or hearing my sweet niece tell me how much she misses me while we are washing our hands in the bathroom of Aunt Catfish's restaurant. (We see each other about once a year due to some awkward family issues with my brother.)

I wouldn't have missed the multitude of examples of God's handiwork that He displayed this week, from the gorgeous flowers to the stunning sunrises and sunsets. Or seeing my daughter catch a starfish from the surf and feeling it's "ooky" little feet. Or watching dolphins frolic in the surf along the coastal road.

I wouldn't have missed watching my husband walk on the beach under the mark of the cross.

I wouldn't have missed spending what may be our last family vacation together before my daughter gets married.

I am blessed.