Tuesday, July 8, 2008

photobucket and I are not friends...

Or an alternate title could be...I am ill equipped to deal with modern technology.

I have been frustrated with my efforts to provide you with a slide show of our vacation. So I am going to do things the old fashioned way. Bore you with the random picture inserted here and there. (as though blogging is old fashioned technology. Tell that to my grandmother.)

Here is Jonathan enjoying his time at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I think he was slightly disappointed that there were no video games or computers here. They did have Doritos though.

Here is Jessi ignoring the fact that I have pushed a camera in her face and am intent on taking a picture. Maybe she's learning to pretend that if she doesn't see it, it will go away. (Just like her mom.)

I'm sure I will thrill and excite you over the upcoming months as I spread out my 380ish pictures one post at a time. (If that doesn't give you goosebumps, I don't know what will!)

Happy day!