Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day Six

On the sixth day of my everlasting quest of recognizing the blessings in my life, I am thankful for heroes.  

Any time we deal with difficult circumstances, such as Hurricane Sandy or 9/11, ordinary people emerge from the everyday-ness of life and perform heroic actions.  Then, at the end of the day, they go back to being ordinary people doing ordinary things again. Oftentimes, these heroes are never recognized for their actions. Well, today I'd like to tell you about a hero in my life. 

I have known Amanda for about half of her life.  For the last five or so years, she has felt God's call to serve the Japanese people in Japan.  (I make the distinction because Sarah Young served as a missionary to the Japanese in Australia. Which I find unusual since I didn't realize there was a large Japanese population in Australia.  But that is neither here nor there.)  Anyway, after Amanda graduated from college, she came to work for me at LifeWay.  During this time, she continued to pray for God to move, and open an opportunity for her to serve.

And life went on.  

Time passed.  

Friends got jobs, married, had babies. I know there were times when she wondered if she had been forgotten.  Satan filled her with questions and confusion.

Still she waited.  




Knowing all the while that He had a plan for her, a plan that involved her moving halfway around the world, leaving loved ones behind, to serve the Lord in a country believes that they don't need God.  

Days passed into months, months passed into years.

Then...it happened.  God opened a door.  Within a matter of weeks she had a job (at a church!), a home, a plane ticket and a whole new life.  

And there you go.  God fulfills His promises.  Watching Him move in her life, in His timing, has been a beautiful thing.  The thing that is just as beautiful though is her obedience.  Her willingness to follow Him and serve Him, no matter how long it took to get her there.  In my book, she's a hero. 


Helen Sims said...

What a beautiful tribute to a lovely lady in a far-away land who loves the Lord with all her heart. Please pray for the Japanese people as ski and others reach out to them with the Gospel, and specifically the people of Shukugawa where Amanda is ministering. She is a hero to me too, and I miss her dearly.

Amanda Sims said...

Dearest Karen,
While I'm far from being a hero, I think my story is another example of God's amazing power and the work of His hand in our lives. He knows what He's made us to do, He knows our needs, and He gives us strength and guidance along the way. He is able to very ordinary people and take them anywhere. He can do anything! And I know this spiritually dark place is not a challenge for Him. I just hope I'm not in the way. I want to live a life that's ready and willing for anything He might ask of me. I'd be kidding myself to think that I'm living in that mindset always, but maybe if I walk close enough a little of the dust from my Rabbi's feet will get on me.
Thank you for being such a godly mentor to me Karen. I hope to learn more from you, even from so far away. I admire your patience and absolute, head-over-heals, adoration of God and His Holy Word. Thank you for always reminding me, by word and example, to rely fully on God. To cling to Him, like I've got nothing else. Because He is our everything. What do we have apart from Him. I am still learning to do this everyday. Praise The Lord, that He has put me in a situation where I cannot rely on my own wits. May I learn to cling desperately to Him, every moment. Even when I think I've got it under control. In reality, I am desperate. Apart from Him I'd have no hope.