Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day Eight

I have spent the better part of the day doing housework.  I am ordinarily not a fan of housework (and my house probably shows it) but today I felt a little differently about it.  

As I began cleaning, I thought about the fact that I have a house.  In the city where I live, approximately one in nine children attending our public school system at some time during the year, were homeless.  For the record, that is 8,582 children.  That's enough to fill 119 school buses or to fill 14 of the district's largest elementary schools.  But I have a house to clean.

Not only that, I have several rooms to clean.  I cleaned the bathroom, tv room (Jessi's former room), kitchen, and living room today.  I still have the master bedroom and bath, and two other bedrooms left to deal with.  However, Amisha, Leonel, Junior, Natacha, Clementine, Adriel, and Jessika (my sponsor kids through Compassion) live in one room buildings, some made of cement, some with dirt floors, some with walls of mud or wood.  Several of my children have multiple siblings.  Can you imagine the chaos of trying to take care of 7 or 8 children in a one room home?

So today, on day eight, I am grateful for housework. Because in my case, housework means I have a home. A multi-roomed blessing that many others do not have.

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