Monday, November 5, 2012

Day Five

Well, it's Monday.  

And what better thing to be grateful for on a Monday than my place of work.  

While I am grateful to have a job, I am even more blessed to have a job that I love and that is suited to me.  As a matter of fact, I have to say that working at LifeWay Christian store has changed my life.  I've grown in my Christian walk, found a family that I love (and appear to love me back), and have had the privilege to serve so many people over the years.  

I began working for LifeWay when Jessi was six weeks old.  I've now been there more than 24 years.  Jonathan was practically born there.  (He's known Mary Jane since before he was born.  She used to talk to my tummy all the time.)  

I've done most of the jobs there in one capacity or another and have enjoyed bits and pieces of all of them.  

I've grown from a clueless "christian" girl to a not-as-clueless follower of Christ. (Trust me, there's a difference.)  

And I've seen God move countless times in countless ways.  He has shown Himself faithful time and time again.  

Because of my workplace, I've had opportunity to provide godly resources for my children and, even better, know that they are covered in prayer by my co-workers, because they love them almost as much as I do.  

Where else can you say that?  

LifewayColossians 3:23

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