Saturday, May 24, 2008


The school year is finally over. It officially ended yesterday.

The Boy appears to have survived his sophomore year and should be moving forward to his junior year next year.

As I waited for him to get out of class yesterday, I did some reflecting over this past school year. He (and his sister, who has since graduated) attends a private christian school in our area. He started attending there in the third or fourth grade. When they both started there, we were told that the emphasis was on academics and producing christian leaders for our community. And for the first few years, I agreed with this assessment.

Then, a strange thing happened.

Another private christian school built a new school, complete with up to date gym facilities and this school began attracting more students. So, our school decided that it wanted to compete. We began to see staff turnover and more discipline problems and some other "odd" things.

By the time my daughter graduated, (two years ago) I think we probably ran neck and neck statistically with the public schools for drug use, under aged drinking, dropping out of college and so forth. During her senior year, she and I went to the administration with our concerns and were given a shrug of the shoulders and a "what can you do?" attitude.

Well, we can pray.

And while we can't go back and change the past, we can rely on God to move and change the future.

Which brings me to this moment.

This has been a good year for The Boy. I have heard few unhappy comments about his classes or his teachers. He seems to be involved, challenged, and content. He makes positive statements about the different teachers that he has had, and has even expressed disappointment that one will not be teaching next year. The other day he told me how glad he was that our interim headmaster is at our school, adding that he is excited about the new classes that will be added for next year. My daughter attended graduation last night and commented on how every student thanked Mr. McKinley (the headmaster) for the work he has done in the school over the last year. She said that the whole atmosphere seemed different.

God moves.

In ways that we sometimes do not understand.

So, even though this school year has not been without it's struggles, I am optimistic about the future. And reassured that God is interested in a small private christian school.