Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The days, they pass so quickly

According to my calendar, today is May 21st. I think. If it's not, please forgive me. I'm not really into keeping up with what day it is. The only time it's really important to me is if I am leaving on vacation or filling out daily media files at work. (and even on the daily media stuff we use yesterday's date, so it's no surprise that I never really know what the date is. I usually keep up with what day it is, only because I work late on Tuesdays. If I'm not working late, it must not be Tuesday.)

Anyhow, back to the point. Because I'm pretty sure I had one. If today is the 21st, then there is only one month left in the spring reading thing. And if that's the case, I figured I'd better evaluate where I am in the whole reading process.

I started out with twelve original entries.

Then I added two to my list.

Then I started reading books that were on other peoples list.

Then I started reading books that weren't on anybodies list.

So, I have officially finished six books that are on my list. Four from the original and two that were added later. I think that the solution to finishing the rest of the original list is that no more books should be published until after June 21st. (I don't think the industry will go along with my plan, though.) I expect that I will finish three more titles off the original list and I have three more titles in my "book cabinet" beside the bed that I am in various stages of reading. I also bought another book this weekend and have three more on my desk at work that I am considering. (Not to mention the titles I have requested from the library. Oh dear.)

I suppose if Katrina decides to host a summer reading thing, the thing to do would be to list one book and keep a running tally of the ones that I add. Because I do love me some books.