Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just another ordinary day...

For those of you who might be alarmed at my lack of wifely concern over the nutritional value of my husband's breakfast yesterday, let me set your fears at rest. He had eggs. However, I feel that I must be completely honest and confess that I did not fix his eggs. He did. (And I have absolutely no idea what my children had for breakfast.) So, to make up for my total breakfast failure yesterday, today I am cooking pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter syrup for the kids and plain pancakes and sausage for the husband.

Oh, an update on the makeup thing...Jonathan informed me last night that he needed a "hand held mirror thing" for his Drama Tech class. My thought on this is that perhaps having his own mirror might improve his skills at applying makeup and therefore improve his grade. I'm not sure that I want to give him a "hand held mirror thing." Sigh.