Tuesday, October 28, 2008

blogger and I are still not friends...

However, today is my daughter's 100 things post (in honor of her 100th post.) To be perfectly honest, when she told me she was doing it last night, I was a little concerned. (Sorry, Jessi, but when you are married and have children and they learn to talk to people outside the family, you will understand. Sort of like when someone pointed to the aging Hell's Angel and said, "Mommy, that man is FAT!" or when someone pointed at the person smoking a cigarette and said "Mommy, they are going to DIE!")

I must say, though, that I enjoyed reading her post (although I'm not sure I used the word "forever" in item number 50 and your teeth do stick together...or at least mine do...) and I would encourage you to drop by and check it out. Jessi always has something interesting to say. She offers her opinions a little more .... freely... than I do. :)