Wednesday, May 27, 2009

20 of my favorite things...

Because there's not enough information about me out there.

Or because I'm lacking in imagination for the next few posts. (No, I don't think that's it. There's always something rolling around in my head.) Anyway, Brenda did this a few weeks ago and since I can't resist the idea of sharing, here goes:

1. Color: and I'm already stumped. I don't have a favorite color necessarily. I do tend to wear a lot of blue and black but I like purple, pink, and various other shades.

2. Dessert: PIE! or cheesecake. or chocolate cookies.

3. Smell: (what a strange question.) Probably my pumpkin spice candle. I can assure you that my favorite smell is NOT my basset hound. (what on earth does he get into that makes him smell like microwave popcorn butter?)

4. Flower: tulips! and crocuses. and pansies.

5. Animal: penguins. or puffins. I'd have a puffin farm if such a thing existed.

6. Month: April. Because it's spring.

7. Beverage: If I'm misbehaving, then it's mountain dew with caffeine. If I'm being responsible, then it's sprite. or grape kool aid. or water.

8. pair of shoes: okay, that's stranger than favorite smell. I am not a shoe person. (and it has nothing to do with residing in Kentucky. maybe my bedroom slippers? I have like 7 pair.

9. snack: might be chocolate. or cheetos. or Outback cheese fries. or peanut m&m's. It depends on the mood.

10. song: hmmm...anything by Chris Tomlin, Bebo's I will lift my eyes, Jeremy Camp's there will come a day.

11. book: because I am always reading, my favorites are always changing but for the moment...
As we forgive and mad church disease.

12. fruit: grapes, plums, pears, bananas

13. hair style: (?) um...anything that's attached to my head. because I am thankful for hair.

14. piece of clothing: um...yes, I am thankful for clothing. The more the better. pajama pants? bulky winter clothing that covers winter layers of fat? Oh, I know...the blue man suit!

15. store to clothes shop: anywhere that carries khaki skirts and maroon shirts. Since I wear LifeWay garb most of the time, it's the thing I replace the most.

16. season: spring!

17. hobby: reading. blogging. scrap booking.

18. thing to collect: dogs? (we have five.) willow trees that remind me of my children. Except my children have faces and willow trees do not.

19. movies: LOTR, Apollo 13, Mulan, and a host of others.

20. Restaurant: Outback for cheese fries, Cheddar's, Rafferty's, just about anywhere that doesn't require me to cook.

And I am so glad that this isn't one of those one word surveys. I suspect that I'm a bit too wordy for one of those.