Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My totally random life...

1. I forgot to announce the final "making of the school lunch." This occurred on Monday. No more hunting up bottles of water, appropriate snacks or making peanut butter sandwiches in the early am til fall. While this currently thrills me to no end, I suspect next spring I will have a different assessment of the task.

2. Apparently I missed the last "wearing of the chapel dress shirt" last week. Unfortunately, the boy has mostly outgrown the aforementioned chapel dress shirt and probably needs a new one. (He's been wearing this one for multiple years.) Of course, you realize that he only has (hopefully) one more year of high school and if he gets a new chapel shirt, it will barely be broken in by the time the school year is over.

3. I am currently making/baking two different flavors of muffins for breakfast so that all the delicate palates within our home will be satisfied.

4. I realize that I failed to wax poetic about the Preakness but in case you were wondering, I was thrilled to see Rachel Alexander win and was equally pleased to see Mine that Bird do so well. I would have been happy if the outcome had been reversed as well. (I know that's a departure from my usual desire to have a triple crown winner but this is the type of story that has a happy ending either way. At least in my little world it does. And we all know it's all about my little world. :D )

5. The world is full of strange people. And sometimes they come and visit me. That's all I am going to say about that but if you spoke with me yesterday, you know what I'm talking about.

6. Do you feel like Memorial day is coming too early this month? I mean, there's an entire leftover week of May after Memorial Day this year. I'm having a difficult time wrapping my mind around the fact that it's this weekend. Which is probably a good thing because I am working it and we have a coupon which usually means lots of opportunities for excitement. So when Saturday/Monday finally arrive, I will be surprised rather than filled with dread.

7. Only three more days of school and then we will begin our summer schedule. Which is pretty much like the rest of the year schedule only there's no making of school lunches and no discussion about why we didn't mention the night before that we had no clean school uniforms.

Oops...the muffins are done and I'm off to do whatever it is that I normally do on a totally random day. Have fun!