Friday, February 8, 2008

crazy days or is it daze?

This has been the craziest week. I thought about blogging last night but apparently I was feeling grumpy because the only things I wanted to comment about were complaints. And I am trying to move away from that. Complaining. Because I do that more than I should. (Just ask God. We had a conversation about that this morning in the car. I was trying to pray and kept stopping to fuss at the drivers around me. Who obviously had no driving skills. Then I had to repent. And drive another 50 yards and start all over again.) So I am going to be thankful instead. Patty has this really cool thing called God Stop Friday. I can't figure out how to add the icon to my blog yet but I can still tell you how God has worked in my life this week.

We survived the storms. If you know anything about my family, storms are big things for us. Both my children deal with acute anxiety when tornadoes threaten and it is difficult for them to deal with any type of storm. I really dreaded Tuesday evening because dh was almost certain we were going to end up in our "storm cellar" (the downstairs bath). Sure enough, at 12:25 am, the sirens went off and downstairs we went, waking both children and moving them and the dogs and cat to the bath. Even though they were upset, Cinderella and the boy handled the excitement well. (Maybe they were too sleepy to get upset.) We had heavy rain and wind and loud outdoor sounds but no damage. We were blessed. So many are dealing with the loss of property or loss of life and our prayers go out to them.

I mentioned earlier this week that God spoke to me through Annette, Patty, and Amanda. He also used a post by Lysa to touch my heart. I am so grateful for this blogging community. It allows me to make new (smarter) friends (who have more spiritual depth). They are a blessing to me as well.

My prayer for this upcoming week is that I will look more for the blessings of God and He will get to listen to less of my complaints. I'll let you know how it works out. (And aren't I glad that God is ever so patient with me!)