Thursday, February 21, 2008


We have it. An ice storm snuck into town this morning. (Actually, it didn't sneak in. It arrived with much fanfare, early school dismisals, bank closings, mall closings, and so forth.) Cinderella and I were at the salon when it arrived. She decided that it was time for a hair color change. After three or four years of black hair, she wanted something lighter. Which involved hours of bleaching and coloring and high lighting and low lighting. And me getting my nails done. (I'm not sure how that fits in, but that's the excuse I used.)

We made it home safely (thank goodness!) but that wasn't the end of the story.
We were supposed to have wood floors put in today. In the living room and hallway. So, in preparation for this, all the furniture was distributed throughout the house and the old carpet was ripped up. Then the phone rings. "We're sorry but this unexpected ice storm will delay the installation of the flooring. Because we can't run our electrical sawing things outside during an ice storm." Sigh. So I am currently sitting next to our entertainment center, which is resting on it's side in front of the refrigerator. Perhaps the floor people will come tomorrow. Or perhaps we will all go on a diet. Or live off our fat stores. Or go out to eat. Hey, that's not a bad idea. Except we can't go anywhere because we are iced in. Sigh.