Friday, February 8, 2008

Homecoming-or the end of strange clothing

Spirit week is over. It ended today with 20's day. The Boy went dressed as a Whitefield student. Imaginative, huh. I think we got tired of trying to find alternatives to the school uniform. Tonight is homecoming. The Boy will be going. He has two lovely "dates" to the dance afterwards. They are friends from the "nerd herd" (as they refer to themselves). He is the only guy in his group to be brave enough (or goofy enought) to go to the dance. And honestly, he's not that thrilled about it but Lady G. is a good friend to him so I guess he's doing it for her sake. But it means dressing up, getting a haircut (which he was due one anyway. I saw demerits in his future if he didn't get one soon!), corsages, fancy food, and dancing. Not to mention he has to go to the game dressed up in a suit. So far he's been a good sport though. I am planning on dropping by the dance later this evening to take pictures and embarrass him. Because that's what moms do. (I won't be going to check on him. Nope. Even if it is my baby's first big dance. I won't cry. I won't sob, clutch him to my chest and cry,"my baby!" No siree. ) I'll try to post some pictures later.