Saturday, February 9, 2008

From Irritated Young Man to Mr. Smooth

Am I glad that's over. In all honesty, it was fun. Except when The Boy got home from getting his haircut, he wasn't happy. It was a wee bit shorter than he likes. Actually, I think he would prefer to never get his haircut but school rules (and his parents) keep that from happening. Anyway, once he got dressed, I made him pose for the obligatory picture. He still was not happy.

He is normally a happy kid so he headed off to the game and had a good time (although he was hot in his suit) and then headed to the dance with his two dates. Yes, I said two. He had the priviledge to escort two lovely young ladies to the homecoming dance. He's such a charmer. (snicker, snicker) Anyhow, later that evening, I snuck up to the country club with a friend so we could spy on him. (what a mom!) We had the opportunity to observe him in action for a bit. And it gave us a giggle. After we were discovered, I made him pose for more pictures. That's what a mom is for.

Aren't they just too cute?