Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a touch of irony or a touch of the flu?

Life is funny. And God has a sense of humor.

I normally close the book store where I work on Monday nights. Yesterday I woke up to the news that we were expecting a winter storm, complete with ice and snow. All starting around five and continuing into the night. Driving in snow and ice is not my favorite thing to do. I have done it before so I know it's not my favorite thing. Anyhow, I started praying for safety and a delay to the storm and all the other things that I pray for when snow is involved. Well, my prayer was answered. In a round about way. And certainly not how I asked for it. Less than an hour later, I found myself "hug the toilet" sick. Bleck. So I did not go to work. And it did snow. And ice. I felt guilty for causing someone else to work my shift. And I prayed for them as well. Hopefully, they did not get "hug the toilet" sick too.