Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a breath of spring air...

Well, it snowed. And sleeted. And freezing rained. And now, after a brief interlude, we will get to do it all over again. At least the freezing rain and sleet part. The weathermen are threatening us with a major ice storm. Assuming of course that the moon lines up with Venus, we all lean to the left while sticking our tongues in our right cheek, and Don Ho sings "Tiny Bubbles" on the radio. In other words, we'll see. Actually, this is one of the few times where we can actually say that something is coming. We're not quite sure what that something is going to be when it gets here, but something is coming for dinner.

School is out today. On any other school day, Jonathan could sleep til two and still be tired. Today, he was up at 6:40 a.m. As in, the morning. Without complaining, grumping or being disagreeable. (He was actually quite perky. Which was a tad bit disconcerting.) I also did not have to go into work. However, Josh and Jessi both had to go to work today. Josh made it to work without much trouble and I braved the elements to drive her to work. I will say that the roads are mostly icky. With a factor of yuck thrown in. The city has done it's best to plow and salt and so forth, but when it is sleeting nonstop, it's kind of hard to keep up. Fortunately, we made it back and forth safely. Now we just have to go back out and pick her up and then we will be staying home for the rest of the day.

The biggest concern we have right now is the upcoming "ice-capades". Unfortunately, ice usually means downed trees and power lines. Which means cold houses. So, we are hopeful that we get just enough ice to be beautiful, but not enough to cause any issues. Because we don't like issues.

There is, however, under all the snow, sleet and ice, a touch of spring. Josh brought me a potted hyacinth a couple of days ago and it is blooming all over itself. Every time I walk in the kitchen, I am treated to a reminder that spring will come. Someday. Until then, I'll be layered up and hunkered down. Waiting.
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