Thursday, January 22, 2009

True Confessions...

I could only stand about seven minutes of AI last night. Then I had to switch channels. Bless their hearts. I think it's because I have overactive empathy/sympathy genes. I can't stand to see anyone make a fool of themselves (first contestant) and I teared up when the second contestant got her golden ticket. Because doggone it, she's tried so hard. (except, do I really know this? I don't even know her. All I know is what the TV said about her.) Then they showed the previews of the upcoming contestants and when the previews made me cringe, I decided I could find something less traumatic to do with my time. (you notice I didn't say "more productive." Because why would I want to do that?)

And by the way, for some strange, unknown reason, it really IS Lou-a-vuhl.