Thursday, October 4, 2007


I find it hard to believe that it has been almost a month since I started this thing. Which brings me to my first thought. Blogging when you have nothing to say. Although anyone who knows me knows well enough that there is always something running around in my head. Nothing profound though. I have often composed entire journal entries in my head and when I finally find myself with my journal, poof! My brain empties out. Or things just weren't that important. I am sure that several life changing profound statements have been permanently lost because I wasn't able to stop right that instant. Not that I think I am going to stop immediately and write here either. After all, check out my track record.

I guess the other thing that is really on my mind right now is Romania. I have a friend (yes, more than one actually...) Argh, here I am about to wander on about important thoughts and POW! something popped in the washer. Not being mechanical, I have no idea what might make a popping noise, but I have decided to hope for the best. It is not in my plans to purchase/repair a washer at the moment. Or any moment really. Anyway, back to Romania. And my friend. She is there currently, doing some things that I don't really understand, and the news that she sends back is heartbreaking. Children with no hope for a better life. Being sold or wandering the streets with no home, no food, no shoes. No future. And my heart breaks. Then, I was reading a journal by a mother whose daughter has multiple health issues (they are currently in the NICU again) and she and her husband realize that this gift from God will probably never grow up, never get married, have children, hold a job....and yet, in the midst of it all, they are still so grateful for the moments God has given them with her, even knowing that they will have to let her go eventually. And my heart breaks.

Maybe, sometimes when I have nothing to say, or can't say anything, it's because my heart breaks too much.