Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's Saturday somewhere

Sometimes all days seem to run together. It has been a while since I worked on a Saturday though. There's something different about Saturday retail. I guess the type of people that come in to shop are different than the ones who shop with us during the week. In any case, the day went relatively smoothly after having a somewhat rocky start. Of course, I hid in the back and did receiving for most of the afternoon so I guess it's easy for me to assume that things went well. And I am sure that they did. The coolest thing about today (other than the skillet full of cornbread and pecan butter that I had for lunch) was the interesting concoction MJ made for the scientific experiment for kids day. I am still not sure what purpose it served, but I am now the proud owner of some cool (literally) blue jelly that oozes into interesting patterns. I have no idea what I am going to do with it once the novelty wears off....kind of like the amish bread starter I once owned. It was really great for the first forty loaves or so, but if you don't keep making bread, that little sucker molds. I wonder if this stuff molds?

We had an uneventful evening at home (so far) as well. We finally sat down and watched the Nativity Story after having the DVD for about two weeks. Some things we want to see right away and some things seem to take forever to get around to. I am really glad that I watched it though. I was kind of puzzled by the comic relief the three kings seemed to provide at times. Almost like Larry Moe and Curly snuck into the picture somewhere. As far as it goes though, I would recommend it for someone who is looking for a movie depicting the birth of Jesus. It was a nice little love story too. I found myself thinking about stuff like this was the biography of Mary and Joseph and I had to stop and think, "hey, this is a movie, the Bible doesn't talk about this..." I also found myself leaking a few tears, but that's pretty normal for me with anything remotely emotional. I cry at cotton commercials.