Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dancing week 5

It seems so frivolous to have a blog entry based on dancing with the stars. Especially when there are other things I should be doing. But it's my blog and my brain (and those who know me would probably agree that my brain is more often than not filled with frivolous things) so I am going to write about it. I cannot believe how much I enjoy the show. I was a scoffer when it came out, secretly chuckling behind other dedicated viewer back at the ridiculousness of it all. Then, in the third season, I decided to partake and see what all the fuss is about. And there's no going back baby. Anyway, I am sure that everyone gasped when Marie dropped like a rock after her dance. Although it was obvious to me that she was clearly out of breath (the audible sounds of gasping should have clued everyone in) I have heard certain radio talk show hosts this morning imply that perhaps it was the result of drugs or caffeine. (I find some people to be stupid beyond words.) I felt bad that on top of the humiliation of passing out on live TV, her scores were perhaps the worst she had during the past five weeks. I still think it will probably come down to Sabrina, Helio and Mel (although last weeks bottom two scare did cause me to vote this week!) but I think Jane and Cameron gave a wonderful showing as well. Looking at Jane and watching her move makes me think that I could look that good at 56 but the way to that ability/body is probably not through whoppers and cheese fries. (curses to Halloween candy in little packages that trick you into thinking you aren't really eating that much!) So who will go home? Mark Cuban? Marie? Mel? Who knows? But I will dash home after closing the store to watch the last five minutes with baited breath. It's addicting.