Friday, October 5, 2007

What happened?

Well, when I was thinking about what I was going to write this morning, the theme seemed to be something about where all time goes when no one is looking. However, I think the theme today should be, why is everyone mad at me? Although it's not entirely accurate to say everyone. And I am not really sure that it is me that they are angry with. I just happen to live here. To illustrate the oddity of the is what happened. We have pie in the house. Lemon pie. Lemon is not normally my favorite...or even something I like. Most of the time it is too sour or bitter. However, this lemon pie is just right (hooray for mamaw!). So I divided up the pie amongst the pie eating people last night, saving my piece for a later date. This morning, my wonderful delightful daughter who blesses my life in so many ways, gets up and wants to eat my pie. On the premise that I don't like lemon pie. Sadly for her (and me) I informed her that this lemon pie was like no other and that I would like to eat it. So....she got mad. At me. She muttered something about the fact that there is nothing to eat for breakfast (although there are eggs and sausage and biscuits and cereal and danish and granola bars and milk and peanut butter and so forth) and off she stomps. Being the gutton for punishment that I am, I decided to continue to have a conversation with her. I told her that I was going to the grocery this morning and asked her what she would like for me to purchase for her breakfast. Nothing. Actually, she said something....what she said was, "nothing." Apparently there is nothing in the world that appeals to her. In her defense, I admit that there are times when nothing appeals to me either. But a gal's gotta eat. Off she goes to school, still irritated with me because I have lemon pie. Not that she didn't have lemon pie. Just not this morning.

On to the next member of the irritation brigade. I showed my wonderful delightful handsome husband a recipe that I was considering fixing for dinner. (note the food theme here...) I wanted to make sure that it sounded good to him too. His response was lukewarm at best, saying he wasn't sure that it sounded good. So I said that I wouldn't fix it. He gets irritated and says, fix it if you want (I promise, I didn't use any dramatic inflections in my voice or anything.). Well, I don't want to fix something that he won't eat, especially if it will just be us dining in this evening. So he is unhappy with me for wanting to fix something that he doesn't want to eat and she is unhappy because I won't let her have what is mine. (I guess if I were a good mother I would sacrifice my pie on the altar of indulging my child...but I am sure that I can convince myself that this is for her own good.)

Fortunately for me, my youngest child seems to be in a happy mood. Of course, he has wrangled the promise of pizza out of me for lunch and he has a houseful of friends over to keep him company, playing mindless video games for the rest of the afternoon. Which is fine. So now, I am going to order pizza, then go try to get all the laundry done and maybe a little painting and cleaning a toilet or two. Time does fly!