Monday, October 8, 2007

Spirit week?

What is up with Spirit week? When I was in school (hundreds of years ago to be sure) spirit week was that same every year. We had black/orange day and formal day and three other days that escape my memory. Jonathan's school changes stuff every year. Which wouldn't be so bad except they seem to struggle with "themes." This year they had nerd day, stoplight day (where you dressed in certain colors to signify your relationship status) and gangster day. Well, they decided not to go with stoplight day. I suppose it's because it's a christian school and they prefer our kids not to date. Or something like that. Then they apparently ruled out gangster day because most kids haven't heard of gangsters, thinking that it was "gangsta" day instead. Although I do not particularly approve of the gangster lifestyle, it bothers me that sophmores have no idea about this part of our history. (weren't gangsters a big part of Chicago history in the twenties?) So now he is having pirate day (which necessitated purchasing a pirate hat) and crazy which he should need no costume. I suggested favorite author day but that earned some strange looks and a comment from Josh suggesting famous classical composer day. But at least I would know they were learning something!