Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I am not a vain person. It would serve no purpose. After all, I have lived forty some odd years in this face and body and to be truthful, it is showing some wear and tear. However, as I was battling the ten degree weather in my forty seven layers of clothing including three or four layers wrapped around my head, I thought to myself, "Boy am I glad that I really don't care who sees me (and please God, don't let anyone see me) because my hair isn't gonna look right the rest of the day." And then, (probably because God knows that my gratitude at not being vain is probably a cover for some form of vanity) my car door froze in the "I'm not going to shut no matter what you do to me" stage and I thought I would freeze my fingers off trying the fix the goofy thing. So I was too busy poking and prodding and pushing to think about what my hair looked like. I called Husband and he suggested using a hair dryer on the door thingy. (I'm sure there's a technical term for it but "thingy" works for me.) So then I was standing in my front yard in my forty seven layers of clothing holding a bright pink hello kitty hair dryer against the car door as my neighbors left for work this morning. All of them. And I stood there thinking, "well, at least my hair is covered." (I did finally make it to the grocery store and my relief at having arrived at my destination without having to drive with me holding my door closed and my worry over whether or not the door would get stuck again and whether or not Kroger would have an extension cord long enough to reach my hair dryer, caused me to forget my thoughts about my hair. And God was merciful. I didn't see anyone I knew!)