Friday, January 18, 2008

This magic moment...

I told MJ today that I was waiting for the "magic moment". The morning that I wake up and feel like taking on the world. Or at least like getting out of bed, doing my morning stuff and heading off to work for a full day of work. And now the week has ended and I am still "momentless." But there's always tomorrow. Not that I am going to work tomorrow. But I suppose the magic moment could come any day now.

In the mean time, we have a normal weekend planned around here. Grocery shopping, laundry, ironing, nagging The Boy about the state of his room, looking for new curtains for the living room, staying warm. It's supposed to be really cold this weekend. I think I might want to just stay in and huddle under the covers. But our cupboards are bare and the natives want food. So someone will have to venture out at some point to restock the pantry.

I spoke to my SIL this evening about our vacation plans. I have the opportunity to work the Deeper Still event in Atlanta this summer and my SIL is going to work it as well. After we finish up there, we will be heading to the beach! I honestly can't think of a better combination. Priscilla, Beth and Kay and then the ocean! Some of my favorite stuff. (And my SIL isn't too bad either.) We're talking about visiting some lighthouses as well. If I had the money (and less creaky bones) I'd buy a lighthouse and make it our home. I love lighthouses. I think I'd want one in Maine or somewhere that had fierce winter storms so I could watch the winter seas rush up against the rocks. I guess it would probably be really cold though. And dh would just as soon have a lighthouse in Hawaii. Which is fine too but I don't think they have fierce winter storms. We'll have to check that out the next time we go. Which will probably be in about four years. For that magical twenty-fifth anniversary. Thirty will be the trip. To Italy. So I have nine years to learn Italian.

I suppose I've rambled enough. It's probably time to move on to more productive things. Like requesting library books. Or cleaning the kitchen. Enjoy the evening!